how many red bulls did michael drink before this interview

Anonymous: Lol that one question asking if you were luck hemingz xD


Anonymous: OMG anon I can't stand Luke too! Like he is so serious and ugh love him but can't stand him

@ othr anon

Anonymous: r u luck hemingz?

yes! i m th one nd only luck hemingz! 

do ppl think im luke ohmg

Anonymous: you're perfect❤️

thanks boo! lov the fans xx

Anonymous: ever you go out with a 14 year old

id go out with any1! age is just a number! lov is amazing!

im sorry im not posting edits as much as i used to i just dont feel like doing them the past few days and i dont wanna post rushed and ugly stuff just to keep my blog updated 

unofficiallymad: What was the first cover Luke posted?

i think it was please don’t go by mike posner?